The Agenda Beirut

Fresh conversations in Arts, Lifestyle, Luxury and Society. Lecture based, short courses and workshops.

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who are we

Founded by Mr. Tony Joseph Abou Ghazaly, The Agenda Beirut is a non-formal education group that goes with the grain of the increasingly gaining momentum culture of lifelong learning. The Agenda offers a set up of short programs under the umbrella of Arts, Media, Lifestyle, Luxury and Society: A unique chance of professional exchange between high end experts and attendees of various backgrounds, ages and experience allowing them to grow their knowledge about a topic they are passionate about and offering them a big chance of networking on all levels.

Most of the programs include trips to the field of each domain, they are interactive and would show attendees the insides of the major while applying and practicing with the expert far from going into just theories.

The certificate programs are abbreviated courses of study in dedicated fields that can provide much-needed skills in precise areas. While they are not an alternate for a degree, they provide complete coverage of a meticulous topic. All the workshops/sandwich courses given do not replace university courses; in the contrary they compliment them.

Target: pre-college youth, students, career-shifters, stay at home moms, mid-and high level executives, small-business owners, and industry groups.

Collaborations with The Agenda Beirut for events & live workshops held outside the academy are happening and can be discussed upon demand with the organizations or brands.

Throughout these two years, a connected hub has been born between various experts and the attendees who were brand owners and employees of reputable companies which allowed the networking circle of The Agenda to grow. The relationship between the Media outlets and the Agenda Beirut became a solid one when they were interested in its idea and concept.

The founder of The Agenda and based on his trusted relationship was thus approached by several brands since to develop a collaboration and insert workshops and experts in their events. Since the first event in collaboration with The Agenda till now the demand on such creative PR and Events created a buzz and a new need in this market. Based on this path, The Agenda Beirut has created a new department handling solely clients requesting PR strategies and Events management for their brands plus Business Consultancies.
On the back, a portfolio of our clients can display the successful collaborations that had already been handled or will be with The Agenda Events and PR.