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Product Design Workshop

Product design as a verb is to create a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. A very broad concept, it is essentially the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products.

Workshop structure.
- General introduction (a short bio about us and what gives us our EDGE)
- Interaction with students. Who they are, their similarities and differences and help shed light on the spark in each.
- Source of inspirations from any idea, shape or form.
- The creative development exercise (done using the creative cards I have to help stimulate thought and direction).
- Set direction for each and allow for a mood board (collage, colors, sketch books and other similar utensils).
- Mix and match, product, versus material, and a direction of thought (3 thought cards for each)
- The end result is to have a collective idea, of product development from idea , to marketing it.

Process of Product Design (how to turn an idea into a successful product)
- Initial Concept (appearance and function)
- Analysis - how designers work today to provide products for tomorrow ( identify the needs of consumers and draw up a design with product specifications)

- Brain storm (what type of product ,…)
- Key requirements (sketches , function, consumer’s need, product success in the market,….)

- Detailed design (material, shape , size, proportion ,color , tone, doable)

4- Pricing :
- Product feasibility

- Testing
- Production
- Implementation

- Fix problems
- Choose solutions
- Testing

- Improve
- Repeat

- Branding
- Product Launching
- selling

The lifestyle & client demands of today mean a greater need for products that serve a specific function but which are at the same time aesthetically seductive and contemporary in feel.

price 300$

Feb 14 & 15 from 6pm-9pm

Iyad Naja & Sahar Bizri

Lebanese multidisciplinary artist and designer Iyad Naja embodies the marriage of avant-garde with heritage. Having received his B.S. degree in Graphic Design from LAU in Beirut in 2000, he began his career in advertising before delving into product design. In 2013, Iyad established a design and development firm, which he dedicated to shedding light on the Arabic script and designs from the near east. Working on various concepts and materials, he aims to become an ambassador of heritage and communicate his message through a plethora of niche mediums. Seeking inspiration from elaborate culture and bustling environments. Iyad is currently pursuing his post graduate degree in Islamic Art and Architecture. His rich sensory experiences are applied to many creative disciplines. Enriching his viewers with a fresh perspective on heritage, he creates pieces of high art from every day objects and material know how. Weaving his personal experiences to his work, he applies a personal element to art, mirroring his soul-searching methods in the foundation of his unparalleled products. “With an explosion of media and technology, we have lost focus on our identity“, thus the artist wishes to showcase themes of emotion, individuality and culture, to bring back the focus on transformative tradition. Sahar Bizri is a Lebanese interior Architect based on Beirut. For over 15 years, she was commissioned to design a multitude of interiors. In 2014 she go-establishes Knock Design, a furniture line. In 2017 she started her own production line where she launched it at Beirut Design Fair. Sahar Bizri Designs introducing functional furniture pieces that combine innovative mechanics and contemporary design. Her finesse designs bring together : a contemporary aesthetic marked by clean smooth lines with soft edges merge with u I que yet functional mechanical movements