The Agenda Beirut

Fresh conversations in Arts, Lifestyle, Luxury and Society. Lecture based, short courses and workshops.

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how to join

Call us on 70/928 926 to set an appointment, discuss details of the workshop(s), fill an application form and pay the deposit to book your seat(s).

Introductory courses are proposed for attendees at all levels of expertise, including beginners.

Generally, meetings happen for around three hours once a week for five weeks. Some are during the day while others are during the late afternoon. An average of eighteen hours is completed within a month and a half.

Sometimes the seminars are on one or two half days, depending on the topics and the collaborations.

Certificate of attendance is handled upon the attendance, presentation and success of a mini-project.

We accept cash, visa cards and checks.

No refunds are made. After payment is done during enrollment. Incomplete payment results in non-delivering of the certificate and prohibition of attending the short course.

The Agenda Beirut has the right to cancel any course due to a deficiency in registrations or other inevitable conditions. All registrants will be notified and a total replacement of the registration can be made.