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gallery - classes

The world of Fashion Design
Ghada Kazan

Public Relations for Fashion & Luxury by Bouchra Boustany

Wine Discovery & Tasting with Rhea Semaan

Makeover Consultancy workshop by Mrs. Lama Lawand

Tv Presenting & Public Speaking by Hilda Khalife

Healthcare's & Wellbeing Digital & Social Media Marketing Seminar endorsed by the Digital Marketing Association Uk
Handled by Hisham Aramouny. We were very delighted by the presence of Professor Claude Tayyar, Nutritionists, Product Specialists and Marketing Managers of different pharmaceutical and healthcare related companies in Lebanon.

Live Events Management workshop in Chateau Rweiss
During the Lebanese Autism Society fundraising gala dinner, the students helped in the organization of the event under the supervision of the expert Maria Boustany

Fashion Etiquette Seminar by Vera S Yammine

Live Visual Merchandising class at Salvatore Ferragamo in Downtown Beirut
Handled by Cynthia Tabcharany