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Fashion Retail & Marketing

In this course, you’ll learn about what happens in the retail industry at each stage of the process. From the conception of a piece to when it’s bought by a customer, you’ll know more about the product life cycle from head office to store. The course offers a wide range of roles within the fashion retail industry. If you’re not quite sure what role you’re looking for yet, this is a great starting point.

Elements included in this course are store management, retail operations as well as consumer profiling and analytics, essential for maximising sales. You’ll explore both the internal and external factors which can influence fashion retailers of today.

Price 450$

27, 28 & 30 November from 6pm-9pm

Elie Moussallem

Currently Elie is the CEO & Managing Partner of Maison Je. He is a university professor at USJ & a regular speaker at Bocconi Milano. He worked with Azadea group for 11 years as a Brand Director and he currently is the chief commercial officer at Gerges group international 2017.