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Digital PR & Media Stratgies

Session outline:
-The rise of social media and its influence on the the PR industry in the region
-The key principles for utilizing social media as a PR tool for both brands and individuals
-The challenges social media has imposed upon modern-day PR professionals
-The characteristics that make up a 'real' influencer amid such an oversaturated scene?
-How do you identify key influencers to collaborate and how to select the best ones that would reflect the brands’ image appropriately
- Will social media really be the future of PR?

Price 200$

Saturday 17 February from 3pm-6pm

Tony Abou Ghazaly

Tony Abou Ghazaly comes from a family that had a family business in contracting, but following the ups and downs this field has experienced, he decided to follow business studies and has chosen logistics that was booming at the time. After an internship in a transport company, he realized that he did not like his specialization at all which was not too funny back then, but this made him research a lot until he found a course at Istituto Marangoni in Paris regarding the management in the luxury sector. He followed it by intuition. On his return to Lebanon, he was recruited by Chanel in Lebanon in the logistics department. It was a very rewarding experience that combined both his majors. At some point, he aspired to grow up and did a masters in media studies focused on advertising. Feeling the lack of institutions in Lebanon that provide specific courses on a short period, he decided to create The Agenda Beirut that provides diversified courses: art, luxury, media, society. The Agenda Beirut was born and continues since two years and is now expanding to the middle east. Tony’s belief: “You've got to find yourself first. Everything else'll follow.”